Tips to help your body cleanse - Lymphatic System

This system runs just below the skins surface, throughout the body like the circulatory system relying on muscle movement and breathing to make its way around. The lymphatic system can be seen as the body’s waste disposal system as it is responsible for maintaining fluid balance throughout the body and houses both bacteria and microbes besides playing a big role in our immunity.

Engaging in daily aerobic activity for at least 20 minutes will get the blood, lymph, sweat, lungs and bowels going, so we highly recommend stimulating all these systems in whichever way suits your lifestyle and goals. Some people love going to the gym, being pushed by a trainer, or joining in group classes whereas others may not be so inclined to do the same. We suggest being creative and doing things like cleaning the house in such a fashion that it gets your heart rate up or playing with your kids/dog and intentionally pushing yourself to get things going. Getting a mini trampoline and a skipping rope and combining the two exercises is a great way to get everything moving in the comfort of your home. Dry body brushing and body massages are a fantastic way of stimulating both the lymph and circulatory systems besides helping us release stress and take a moment out just for ourselves.

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