What is a Whole Body Balance?

For a more Holistic approach try a Whole Body Balance, a unique combination of Kinesiology, Dorn Spinal Therapy and Massage Therapy. By looking at the body as a whole we are better able to identify the cause of recurring pain and discomfort, be it physical, hormonal, nutritional, psychological, emotional, or energetic. By correcting or minimizing the imbalance or stressor and providing optimal nutritional & lifestyle habits, the body's natural balance can be restored.

A session may involve but is not limited to…. Taking a detailed medical and lifestyle history, discussing the client’s current state of well-being and identifying desired outcomes for health and life. The use of manual muscle testing techniques are used to source out any additional modalities that may be incorporated into the massage (ie. flower essences, essential oils, acupressure points, visualisations, tuning forks).

The massage will then be performed combining various deep tissue and relaxation techniques, tailored to each clients preferences shown in the muscle testing. Anything needed to reinforce the session will be sent home with the client, which may be a flower essence, nutritional and diet advice or simply information discussed throughout session.

The following modalities may be incorporated into a Whole Body Balance session and a initial session can take up to 2 hours:

Massage Therapy

Dorn Spinal Therapy

Chinese Cupping / Magnetic Cupping

Diet & Nutrition



Flower Essences

Emotional Stress Relief technique

Breathwork techniques


Essential Oils

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