Melissa Everson

Owner & Therapist

In the years since obtaining her Kinesiology qualifications, Mel went on to work in an addiction/rehab clinic gaining hands on experience in the field. Mel has consistently taken continuing education classes to maintain her registration, and has studied a wide variety of massage and other therapeutic techniques, including: Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Acupressure, Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology, Meditation, Mindfulness & Breathwork Therapy. Mel also has interest in Shamanic Healing, Toltec teachings, spirituality and hyper dimensional matrix understanding.  With these skills and knowledge of kinesiology and anatomy, she is able to provide an investigative and intuitive style of bodywork, to sense in the client's musculature, posture and presence, what work is needed, where the pain is, where the tension is - providing an individual experience that is exactly what each client needs at that given moment.


Dip. Health Sciences Holistic Kinesiology
Cert IV Massage Therapy
Cert Dorn Spinal Therapy
Cert Chinese Cupping
Cert Silva Mind Methods

Wellness Coach

Member ATMS

     Beau Goodger


Beau is a Certified and Registered Remedial Therapist, Dry Needling and Intra-muscular Stimulation therapist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner.  Beau has worked in both Remedial and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) clinics and is passionate about combining both the Eastern and Western Modalities.  Beau practices a range of styles of treatment that can be tailored to best suit clients and their choice of treatment style. 

Beau’s TCM Diploma provided a high level of skill when working with women and children and Pregnancy Massage, Pre and Post Natal Care, and can assist in promotion of labour, assistance with correction of babies in breach position using specialised acupressure and moxibustion techniques.  Beau has also studied in Sports Massage and Injury Repair, Lymphatic Drainage, Deep Tissue Therapy, Myofascial Release Treatment, Trigger Point Therapy, Passive Joint Articulation and Specialised Muscle Stretching Techniques with his Remedial Diploma. 


Beau is passionate about TCM and specialises in: Chinese Cupping, Moxibustion, Gua-Sha, Traditional Chinese Medicine Tongue and Pulse diagnosis.  This thorough analysis will provide comprehensive advice that is specific to the current pattern of disharmony and is much the same as acupuncture without using needles. Beau is trained to provide comprehensive diet, Lifestyle advice coupled with emotional and energetic assessment and can provide coaching on how to best regulate and be empowered by emotions.  Beau is adept at facilitating and educating on the harnessing of energy through regulation of thought patterns, providing energetic cleansing and grounding using mindfulness techniques to allow personal, spiritual and physical growth for each client individually to alleviate their current concerns. 


Dip. Remedial Therapy

Dip. Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Myofascial Dry Needling Accreditation 

Cert IV Massage Therapy

ATMS Member


“Beautiful, simple, realalistic pricing.”

-Pete Harris, Rye, Vic

Melissa Everson


Massage~Kinesiology~Chinese Cupping~Dorn Spinal Therapy

Mobile: 0422 314 560

By Appointment

“Feeling rejuvenated spiritually, mentally and physically after yet another amazing session with Mel.”

-Beau Goodyear, Mel, Vic

“Absolutely beautiful massage last weekend. Highly highly recommend spoiling yourself - arrived feeling so worn out & lethargic, left feeling so amazing & rejuvenated!!! Can't wait until my next appointment .”

-Sherree Guerin Johnson, Rye , Vic

Shop 3/2327 Point Nepean Road, Rye, Vic, 3941


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